If you love Super Street Fighter IV's Juri as much as Crecente did, then you'll be pleased to know that SOTA toys is working on a kickin' resin statue of the character to help free you of your excess money.

SOTA has done a lovely job capturing the likenesses of the boys, girls, and green-skinned monsters of the Street Fighter universe in resin, and the trend continues with Super Street Fighter IV's Juri, recently showcased on the toy company's Facebook page. The paint job on the face could use a little work perhaps (Facebook commenters have complained that she doesn't look cruel enough), but the intricate little details are rendered quite well, right down to her painted toenails.

No word on when or where this piece will see release. I'd suggest keeping an eye on SOTA's Facebook page for further details.

SOTA Toys Facebook Gallery Of Juri [Facebook, via Tomopop]