The top-selling shoot-em up of this console generation is coming to North America, as Aksys Games announces a U.S. release for Cave's brilliant Xbox 360 gothic lolita shooter, DeathSmiles.

DeathSmiles is a scrolling shooter, but instead of piloting spaceships through unknown galaxies, you fly young angels and their demonic familiars through the gothic world of Gilverado, which is plagued by monsters and tortured souls. Monsters and tortured souls with a bajillion bullets at their disposal, apparently. There are five characters to choose from, three different difficulty levels, and online co-op play through Xbox Live Arcade. You can even save your replays, pulling them out to entertain party guests or something...I don't know.

I do know that I love a good shmup, and judging by Japan's reaction to the game, DeathSmiles counts. It should be interesting to see how the only shoot-em up to break the Japanese top ten this generation fares in the states.