CTA Digital, makers of Wii bowling balls, tennis rackets and pool cues, aren't content with cornering the market on bizarre Wii peripherals, they're bringing their line of unorthodox controllers to the Playstation 3 too.

While stalking the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center this week during the Consumer Electronics Show, past women in evening gowns playing snowboarding motion games and people getting Tased, I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of a man holding a full-sized plastic automatic rifle pointed at an LCD displaying Modern Warfare 2.


The controller, packed with buttons, thumbsticks and a tiny speaker, lets you play the game while armed with a bit of plastic weaponry. The prototype is awkward to hold while playing and the speakers and rumble were so weak as to be unnoticeable on the show floor, but it certainly drew looks from the usually jaded CES goers.