Okay, this is it — promise. Well, for now. No more Comiket 77 cosplays! Comic Market, or Comiket, ended in late December, and the Japanese website Moeyo.com has been uploading pictures since then, day by day.

The website looks like its about finished with its uploads, a subtle hint to us to get our hat and leave. But before we do, here is a look at the some more Comiket cosplayers you might have missed. Can you name all the characters they are cosplaying as? Can you? Sure there are duplicates, but who knows, they might be able to name all of you.

総勢200人!元ネタ全部言えるかな?コミケコスプレレポ総集編 上着を脱がすのは 強風じゃない!となコスの室温だ!! まっしろな谷間に・・・真っ青谷間!? コスプレレポその8 【コミケ77レポ】 [moeyo.com]