The Legend of Zelda, that Friday special cartoon that ran on The Super Mario Bros. Super Show back in the late 80s, is now on Hulu for your trip down memory lane pleasure.

I feel kind of silly now, having bought the whole thing on DVD some years back. At the time I thought it would be a wonderful edition to my collection and that I'd get all the nostalgia mileage out of it that I did out of Jem and the Holograms on DVD.

Apparently, memory had blocked a few things out. Now, the DVD case just sits there covered in dust along with all the other DVDs in my collection I never watch anymore because they cause physical pain.

Thanks for the tip, Dan!

P.S. I didn't notice this as a kid, but what is up with Zelda's pants? It's like primordial camel toe.


P.P.S. My favorite Zelda cartoon episode is actually the crossover episode they did with Captain N. Now there's a box set I need to get.