Congratulations to Michael N. of Utah, who gave the correct answer - well, one of four correct answers, actually - and was chosen from 586 correct entries to win a Blu-Ray Dragon's Lair signed by the game's creators.

After giving you Lucille Bliss, also the voice of Smurfette, as one of the voices for Princess Daphne in the game, we asked for the second. The correct answer was Vera Pacheco, also known as Vera Lanpher, Vera Lanpher-Pacheco, or Vera Day. We accepted any of those four as correct responses.

Pacheco was actually the head of assistant animators for the project, which until it brought in Bliss, used only one other professional voice: the narrator of the title sequence. Sound engineer Dan Molina supplied the voice of Dirk the Daring.

Thanks to EA Mobile for supplying the prize, and thanks to all who entered!