Another week gone by, another round-up of Kotaku reviews with no Demon's Souls review, am I right? Here's what else we reviewed.

Canabalt Micro-Review: Up On The Rooftop, Tap, Tap, Tap
In which Michael McWhertor did a catch-up review (which some of you love) but only wrote positive blue text (which some of you hate).

Madden NFL Arcade Micro-Review: Snacking on Football
In which Owen Good is "a-scarfin.'" Really. He wrote that. I just copied it.

Nintendo DSi XL Review: Super Size Me
In which, for no extra cost to you, the reader, Brian Ashcraft reviews not just the new DSi XL but also the new DSi XL's stylus.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Review: Nice One
In which I was amazed that a new Zelda game could be this good again.

PSPgo In-Ear Headset Review: A Nice Price
In which Brian Crecente damns some headphones for not doing one thing he demands of all headphones.

Flight Control Review: Strategy Vs. Scribble
In which promising first-time contributor Nick Denton describes the joys of his favorite iPhone game.

Gyromancer Micro-Review: Twisting The Night Away
In which Michael Fahey complains about gnats.

The Saboteur Review: Rough Draft
In which I complain about bugs (but kind of enjoy them too, I gotta say).

Call of Duty: World at War Zombies Review: Zombie Nazis!!!
In which Crecente needs more maps.

Tekken 6 PSP Review: One Is the Loneliest Number
In which Crecente discovers a portable game that has better load times than its console counterpart.

Demon's Souls Review: Souls Asylum
In which — oh my word! We really finally published this? I had no idea! Who did this?