Forget your PSP and DS at home! The oldest family-run hotel in Scotland, the Crieff Hydro, is asking guests not to bring video game hardware this holiday season in order to "restore traditional family values".

Traditional family values during the holidays? So like relatives getting in fights and drinking too much? Kidding!


"As a father-of-four, I'm well aware of the role that computer games play in youngsters' lives and they undoubtedly have a place," says the hotel's managing director Stephen Leckie. "However with Christmas holidays being the ideal opportunity to spend quality time with our families, we're asking our younger guests to set their consoles and games aside for just a few days of the year and, instead, sample some new activities which they may never have tried before."

Sounds like Mr. Leckie is assuming that video games aren't something children and adults can play together. I, of course, am assuming that he is assuming. The hotel does offer loads of kid friendly activities for children to enjoy, such as an indoor playland.

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