Thanks to continued sales of the latest pair of Pokemon games, the Nintendo DSi holds onto its top spot on Japanese hardware charts. Also holding strong? The PlayStation 3.

The newer, cheaper, more matte PS3 retains its second place position on Media Create's hardware chart, probably in part thanks to the release of Tales of Vesperia for the platform. The appeal of less expensive hardware probably doesn't hurt. While sales were down slightly from the week before, they're still much better than pre-slimmed down numbers.


Seeing the biggest week-to-week was the Xbox 360, losing about a third of its sales from the period prior.

  • Nintendo DSi - 66,073
  • PlayStation 3 - 51,055
  • PSP - 21,073
  • Wii - 16,698
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 13,555
  • Xbox 360 - 4,965
  • PlayStation 2 - 2,723