Forget your high school guidance counselor — let your iPhone tell you all about your glorious future as a systems analyst.

Japanese game developer Acute Entertainment aims to inform iPhone owners of their future with the new game, Forecast of Yourself After 10 years. For a mere $1.99 USD on the App Store, you can discover what 500,000 people in Japan who played the game on touch-panels in restaurants for the last six months already know: the future!


But seriously, this game sounds more like a personality test. Users answer 15 questions and get a result that predicts where they'll be in terms of "dream," "money" and "love" 10 years from now. You even get a nifty graph and a proverb as part of the deal – although that won't do you much good if you can't read Japanese.

Go check it out if you want to depress yourself. Or to cheer yourself up, if you're in a position where things can't get any worse (which is unlikely, considering you own an iPhone).