Infinity Ward and Activision are, as you read this, holding a Modern Warfare 2 press conference. Not a press event, a press conference. Must be some good stuff in store. We're there, and through the magic of liveblogging, so are you!

- Microsoft will be releasing a special MW2 version of the Xbox 360, which will be black, include MW2 styling, a copy of the game and two wireless controllers. [Update - here's some pics of the bundle]

- And now we're into the game. Multiplayer. It's announced that there are new rewards for killing streaks in the game. 3 kills gets you a UAV. 4 gets you a care package with a random drop.

- New feature called "Callsign", which lets you customise your online account with custom tags, clan emblems, etc. This also lets you create a custom class with a custom weapons loadout.

- Moving onto perks. Creating a custom class also lets you load custom perks, including one called "Scavenger", which lets you get a full resupply from a dead enemy.

- it's off to play the game, try out some of this new stuff! Impressions to come.