The epic tale that began in The Stolen Throne continues in October as Tor Books releases Dragon Age: The Calling, further expanding the Dragon Age fiction beyond the video game.

In The Stolen Throne, Dragon Age: Origins lead writer David Gaider told the story of Maric's mission of vengeance to reclaim the throne from those who had his mother killed. SPOILER ALERT! Now King Maric allows the legendary Grey Wardens to return to Ferelden, only to find that during their 200-year exile, one of them has aligned himself with an ancient enemy - the darkspawn. Maric must lead the Grey Wardens into the Deep Roads in order to help preserve not only their organization, but the very kingdom itself. It helps if you imagine dramatic music in the background while you read that.

How does this tie in to the game? In Dragon Age: Origins you are a Grey Warden, and you'll be dealing with King Cailan Theirin, the son of good old King Maric. This of course means that the kingdom survives and Maric has a son, but that shouldn't spoil the second novel for you, as Gaider spins a good yarn nonetheless.

Dragon Age: The Calling will hit bookstore shelves on October 13th, with a price tag of $14.99 attached.