With my 360/Windows control pad and flood of "ports", I play plenty of "console" games on my PC. But if Spawn Labs' new HD-720 (catchy!) works as advertised, I could be playing many, many more.

It's a set-top box which you plug into your console, and then connect to your home's wireless network. Once hooked up, that's it; you just stream your console games over wi-fi to your PC, even if you're on a laptop and out of the house.


We have no idea how the thing performs, but do have an idea on price: the box is $200, with a $30 fee for an adapter on top of that if you want to use it with a PS2, Xbox or GameCube (it supports 360 and PS3 via USB right out of the box).

[Spawn Labs]

UPDATE - Spawn Labs were kind enough to send over the following video, taken at the HD-720's unveiling earlier today. The action starts around 1:00 in, and really explains everything you need to know about the thing.

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