Looks like Square Enix may be publishing another Xbox 360 "exclusive", with the announcement today that the previously multi-format Nier (now known as Nier Gestalt) will now only be released on Microsoft's console.

Or at least, that's how it's being loosely reported in the Japanese media, with a fresh batch of screens for the game only mentioning the Xbox 360, with the PS3 nowhere to be seen. Now, either this is a Lost Planet 2-esque marketing ploy on the part of Microsoft, or...

...or the other Nier game teased in this week's Famitsu, Nier Replicant, is destined to be a PS3 exclusive. One game for each platform. Seeing as there's no further mention of Replicant other than a Famitsu ad, we've pinged Square Enix asking them to elaborate, and will update when/if we hear back.


UPDATE - Square Enix told us that the Famitsu advertisements - which advertise what looks like two separate Nier games - "do not affect the North American version". Hmm.