PC gaming is big in Germany, or so we've gathered by the rabid enthusiasm shown at Leipzig and Cologne's gaming conventions. Also big is the PC case modding scene, which got plenty of real estate at Gamescom.

The Germans, specifically the ones exhibiting at the Deutsche Casemod Meisterschaft booth, get a little kooky with the casemodding. Whether they're wedging a computer into Spongebob Squarepants' back or building miniature skate parks to house their hardware, the quality is usually top notch.


Not sure about that leather couch case mod though. Why the lasers? Why the fog machine? Why?!

It's cheese!

It's a mini skate park!

It's a refrigerator!

It's a tire!

It's a.... FIFA 10 grill?

It's Aperture Science!

It's an Xbox 360!

It's lame!

It's green!

It's a television!

It's completely invisible! It also has a fish tank.

It's a couch! With lasers! And a fog machine! And a teddy bear! I don't get it!