LucasArts backs up the ESRB listings for Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron for the Nintendo DS and PSP with an official announcement, promising to take the multiplayer battles to several new levels.

Elite Squadron is a new twist on the Battlefront series, for the first time allowing players to start a battle on land, commandeer a vehicle to take to the skies and space, and then land on a capital starship, continuing the battle there. The battles on each front are directly affected by the player's actions, so every shot counts, no matter where the gun it's fired from might be.


Elite Squadron also features an all-new single player story in the Star Wars universe, with players assuming the role of a force-sensitive clone trooper X2, who ignores order 66 and joins the Rebellion, much to the chagrin of his evil twin, X1.

The PSP version of the game promises to be the most customizable game in the series, with the ability to modify every aspect of your character, from clothing to physical strengths, with hundreds of unlockable items to further personalize your clone trooper.

With 16-player multiplayer on the PSP, 4-player skirmishes on the DS, and an all-new "Heroes and Villains" mode that puts players in the roles of major Star Wars good guys and bad guys, Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron sounds like it will add up to one hell of an experience once it launches this fall.