Last year this building - around the block from E3 - was plastered with Robert Downey Jr. in blackface for "Tropic Thunder." Now it sports the visage of Bret Michaels Snow from Final Fantasy XIII.

Pulling back (at bottom) we see Snow getting his Rock of Love on with Vanille and Lightning. As you can see, the crew is covering up an ad for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. I also believe it was the site of a GTAIV ad (before Tropic Thunder), so this is A-list game advertising real estate.

The location is South Figueroa St. at Olympic Boulevard, (right next to the Staples Center) if you're nearby and want to see it.

Thanks to all who noticed that the tag and the lead paragraph, like Sandy Duncan, was lacking an I.

SNOWing in LA? [Square-Enix]