As previously threatened, the Konami's Metal Gear Solid team has kicked off a storm of pre-E3 announcement hype online. Kojima Productions has launched the teaser web site for the developer's next project today.

What does it tell us? About as much as the print ad running in the newest issue of Famitsu, showing only a grassy field under a thick blanket of clouds, with a fence and sparse forest on the right and left, respectively. No reveal date, as shown the print teaser.

The only other real information is provided via the site's meta keywords, which include "Hideo Kojima, MGS, METAL GEAR, NEXT, game, konami, kojima game, KJP, Kojima Production." The site refers to the product as only "Kojima Production NEXT."


Whatever the Metal Gear team's next project is, already pledged to be announced at E3, it's almost guaranteed to have clouds.

Update: Reader Gary noticed the above bitmap squirreled away in the teaser site's Flash movie. The first cloud icon on the far left is the current "loading" image, but it would appear that Kojima Productions has more of those icons planned.


If we were joining in on theorizing what they would mean, if anything, we'd speculate that the lightning storm, sun and exclamation point could hint further at more Metal Gear. Respectively, those could be references to Metal Gear Solid 2 star Raiden, Sunny from Metal Gear Solid 4 and the series' trademark alert icon.

Of course, this may be nothing more than a red herring from Kojima Productions. But the Metal Gear references shouldn't be ignored.

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