HitMaker and Nippon Ichi Software are readying a new action role-playing game for the PlayStation 3, with NIS America announcing The Last Rebellion for a Fall 2009 release today.

One look at first screen shots of the action-meets-turn-based title and you'll likely think "PlayStation... 3?" But that's not a typo! While The Last Rebellion may not impress graphically, perhaps you'll whip up some interest in the game's story, which features a tale of revenge, starring a "dark anti-hero."


After all, according to NIS America, the game is "no ordinary RPG with another mindless battle system."

On the contrary! The Last Rebellion features a Fallout 3-esque combat system, letting players target specific body parts during turn-based battles. Go for the legs to slow down foes. Whack 'em in the arms to weaken their attacks. That kind of stuff.

Check out first screens and artwork of The Last Rebellion in the galleries below. Then ponder why anyone would release this screen shot in particular.