GamePro is listing its 20 most influential people in gaming from 1989 to 2009. Ranked at number 20 is Kotaku Managing Editor Brian Crecente — or as GamePro calls him "The Provocateur". How provocative.

"Kotaku was a little-known, little-read blog in Gawker Media's online publishing empire until Brian Crecente transformed it into the PR-terrorizing powerhouse it is today," writes GamePro senior editor Sid Shuman. "Crecente brought investigative grit and a healthy disregard for the rules to the blog's blitzkrieg coverage of video games and gaming culture." There's an interview with Crecente as well in which he discusses his career, game writing and the year 2015 among other topics. Check it out and congrats to The Provocateur.

20 Most Influential People in Gaming: #20 - Brian Crecente [GamePro] [Pic]