To: Ashcraft
From: McWhertor
Re: Look What's In My Living Room! Samurai Armor!!

You may have noticed a lack of Crecente in today's stack of posts. Well, he's busy playing games, prepping for E3 and hanging out in posh hotels in the greater Los Angeles area. He doesn't have time to post, let alone read my awesome contributions to the internet, letting people know about free fish tacos and that I am aware of what a Jefferies tube is.

Alas, while we may be rich in Stephen Totilo as of today, we're starving for Crecente. Speaking of starving, I could really use a fish taco right about now. While I head over to my closest Tacos Mexico for something taco flavored, check out what *you* missed today.

Oh crap... you're not here either. It's Golden Week!

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