This helicopter-borne robot sniper can fire 7 to 10 aimed shots per minute, and does so using a modified Xbox 360 controller plugged into a laptop. Each trigger squeeze costs $4 (320 Microsoft Points).

Wired wrote up the ARSS (stop snickering, those in Commonwealth nations) - which stands for Autonomous Rotorcraft Sniper System, and imagines it could find greater use to a military that finds itself dealing more with quasi-criminal activity such as piracy and hostage situations.

Remote snipers still need training on top of their existing marksmanship expertise. But those operating this drone use a modified 360 controller in a literal point-and-shoot situation. The shooter is supported by auto-correct software and a stabilized turret. Instead of a fixed wing drone blasting a $100,000 Hellfire missile that could blow up noncombatants, the ARSS is more surgical, firing .338 rounds costing $4 each at intended targets.

Video games and drone operation aren't a new story. But correct me if I'm wrong, this is the first military asset I've seen (in development) that uses an actual commercially-available game controller.


Army Tests Flying Robo-Sniper [Wired via Fox News