As you're likely well aware, Nintendo is readying a new Punch-Out!! for the Wii. It re-introduces Nintendo fans to classic characters from both the NES and Super NES entries, but does not include Mike Tyson.

In fact, according to an MTV interview with Kid Dynamite himself, Iron Mike seems totally unaware that Punch-Out!! is hitting the bestselling console in the United States, knowing only that he's going to be prominently featured in EA Sports' Fight Night Round 4.

Maybe it's his Mike Tyson Punch-Out!! skills—Tyson says he got "slaughtered all the time" in the NES original—or maybe it's his current taste in games. According to Mike, he's into story-driven games, not sports and not Nintendo fare. The games Mike likes to play would put Mike in the "core" category.

We're pretty sure that Iron Tyson's also completely unaware of another NES game to bear his name Mike Tyson's Intergalactic Power Punch. And that's probably for the best.


To see what Mike likes to play, head on over to MTV to get some Tyson face time.

Mike Tyson Unaware Of Wii ‘Punch-Out,' Loves ‘Resident Evil' [MTV Multiplayer]