GameFly has just launched, a website that allows gamers to share their knowledge of the industry and judge by their peers.

GameAnswers is essentially the video game version of Yahoo! Answers. After a quick and painless sign up process, users can ask questions or answer questions to their hearts' content, climbing the ranks as other community members rate their answers in terms of overall helpfulness. Simple community functions allow you to follow other members or gain followers yourself, perhaps one day becoming to most informative gamer the world has ever seen.

GameFly founder Sean Spector explained to Kotaku why exactly they've created the GameAnswers website.

"Gamers want feedback from other gamers, but don't want to spend hours combing through message boards to find what they need. GameAnswers lets gamers get answers on their time line and not others'.

Spector hopes that rank system will help encourage good answers, rather than a page full of "First answer!" posts, and if that doesn't work there is always the report abuse button.


While there are currently no plans to integrate GameAnswers with the GameFly video game rental-by-mail service, Spector didn't rule out some sort of shared features appearing in the future.

If reading the comments section on Kotaku is any indicator, gamers sure love to show other gamers how much they know. With that in mind, we should completely crash the website's servers in a matter of minutes. We can do it. I believe in us. [Official Website]