Not all televisions are built the same. For kicks, Japanese site Intermezzo compared the Final Fantasy XIII Blu-ray PS3 demo on two televisions (one HD, one analog). Let's have a look.

One of the televisions was a US$200 model 14-inch Sony WEGA from the year 2000. It was connected to the PS3 with composite cables.

The other was a US$4,000 50-inch Pioneer plasma panel from 2006. It was connected to the PS3 with composite cables.

Wonder which one looks better...


Of course, the HD television! That's not the point, but rather, just how different the picture quality is.

Square Enix previously stated it was trying to make FFXIII playable on analog televisions. While the demo is not the final retail version, it's concerning how difficult it is to read text on an analog TV — that is, concerning to those who own these kind of televisions!


Another interesting comparison: Blu-ray Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete on a 50-inch HD TV, Blu-ray FFVII: ACC on a 14-inch analog TV, and DVD Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children on a 14-inch analog TV. There doesn't seem to be much difference between Blu-ray and DVD on analog televisions.


Think of this as a not so subtle way to encourage you to buy an HD TV if you haven't already. Come on! Take the plunge. It's only US$4,000, and what's four grand when the global economy is in the toilet? Lots.

FF13体験版&FF7ACCの映像をアナログTVとハイビジョンTVで比較してみた [Intermezzo]