The UK's Trading Standards cracked down on underage-game-selling last week when it targeted 16 game retailers in Dundee, Scotland. Using a 14-year-old volunteer, it was able to expose 12 shops who selling mature titles.

This is one measure in a larger national effort to examine underage game sales of 18-years-old and up rated titles.

Out of the 16 retailers investigated, four of them refused to sell mature titles to the 14 year-old: Gamestation, Game, PC World and WH Smith. Under law, those who did sell the BBFC 18 rated games could be fined up to £5,000 (US$7,397) or even be sentenced to up to six-months in prison.

According to the Trading Standards, "Given the previous good compliance record with attempted test purchasing of tobacco in Dundee, it is very disappointing that so many large retailers have ignored their own systems in regard to restricted video game sales."

Those 12 shops could face further investigation.

UK Retail Exposed in Illegal Game Sales [MCVUK] [Pic]