Last month NCSoft announced that they would be seeking out bits of DNA from gamers in order to shoot them off into space with Richard Garriott.

The idea is that Garriott is going to store digital versions of the DNA on a harddrive, codenamed the Immortality Drive, and store it in some dusty back corner of the International Space Station. This is all being done in case humanity gets wiped out and we need a human race reboot. Neat, Sci-Fi stuff.

Yesterday it became a little more real when I received a package in the mail. Inside? A DNA collection kit and papers to sign away my genetics to NCsoft, who I can't help but notice don't make any promises about not raising a Crecente Clone army or not populating mars with thousands of Crecetient beings.

Of course I want to send off my DNA, if only so I can tell people that not only have I been to outer space and visited the International Space Station, but that I'm still there.


Freaky DNA kit pics on the jump.