Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy creator Keita Takahashi gave Game Developers Conference attendees a chance to learn "All About Noby Noby Boy" today, including that the game was originally developed on the Xbox 360.

Takahashi showed off an early prototype of the title, way before it was bound for release via the PlayStation Network. While crude, it showed off many of Noby Noby Boy's gameplay mechanics. But there was a problem, forcing the game to change platforms.


Takahashi says that, because the Xbox 360 was selling so slowly in Japan at the time, you might think that it was a political decision. But the switch from the Xbox 360 to PS3 was due to one thing: the horizontal layout of the PlayStation 3's DualShock/Sixaxis.

The Xbox 360 controller's diagonal analog stick layout was simply no good.

Besides, Takahashi says that one of his hopes for Noby Noby Boy was that it wouldn't sell very well. More on that later.