Contest time! We're giving away a game couch and an Xbox 360. Want to win? Better start trashing talking.

For the next 24 hours, the comments section in this post will be a trash talking smorgasbord. But not any trash talking smorgasboard, a board game trash talking smorgasboard.


We'll pick the ten best trash talkers' trash talk that's able to incorporate any of these classic board games (Battleship, Yahtzee, Scrabble, etc.) and let Kotakuland pick its favorite.

The grand prize winner will get a sofa (yes, A SOFA) and an Xbox 360.

A couple of rules:

1. Trash talk needs to reference Battleship, Connect Four, Yahtzee or Scrabble.
2. You may comment only once. Commenting more than once will lead to banhammering.
3. Profanity or excessive lewd trash talking is not allowed. Why? Because we want you to be creative.
4. Do not direct your trash talk at anyone or anything in particular. Likewise, doing so will lead to banhammering.


Alrighty, so you've got 24 hours to show us your best trash talk. Do it. Be sure to read our contest rules.