Nintendo's European arm leaks one more previously unannounced Punch-Out!! features, noting that the Wii remake of the NES classic will offer Wii Balance Board support for a third control scheme.

Seems Little Mac has a fitness ultimatum of his own to issue, as Nintendo of Italy's press release brings first word of Balance Board support, indicating that Punch-Out!! players will be able to dodge punches by shifting their weight on the Wii Fit peripheral. It sounds like the Balance Board will be used in tandem with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk motion control scheme.


The other two control methods are the aforementioned, hands-only motion control scheme, plus a classic, NES style set up, using a Wii Remote in the sideways position.

Nintendo of Europe also dropped details on the Wii game's roster last week, confirming the reappearance of Don Flamenco, putting the number of WVBA boxers at 16.

While the addition of Balance Board support certainly isn't unwelcome, it's probably only going to lead to feeling the burn, what with all that sticking and moving. And we hate the burn.

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