The Metal Gear Online SCENE expansion comes out tomorrow, bringing with it some charming new skills and fishy emblems for players to strive for.

Three new skills drop with tomorrow's expansion. Close Quarters Combat EX automatically counters any CQC attack on your character, while Toughness allows you to endure knockback moves, lessening your recovery time. The most adorable new skill, however, is Charm, which is earned after being distracted by a magazine 100 times. Once earned, the player can fire off a salute, charming those around them, as seen in the screenshot above.


A handful of new emblems join the new skills, with the Fighting Fish and the Arctic Skua just two of the new status symbols unlockable in the SCENE expansion.

SCENE should be available tomorrow for $9.99, a small price to pay to be able to capture the hearts of the competition.