There's a Call of Duty: World at War map pack on the way. Three new multiplayer maps will be offered, but we know why you're still reading. It's the new zombie map.

Yes, there's finally going to be a bit more variety in the game's main multiplayer attraction, with (as promised) the addition of "Verrückt". Which takes place in, of all places, a zombie asylum. Stupid Nazis. That was never going to end well.

As we said, there will also be three new regular multiplayer maps, one in the bombed-out rail station, one on the streets of Berlin and one on a village in Peleliu. The DLC will be out on 360 & PS3 on March 19, with PC owners told to "stay tuned"


Oh, and as a bonus, a "new" demo will be out later today on 360, allowing co-op playthrough of the "Hard Landing" mission from the singleplayer campaign.

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