With GamePro magazine on the cusp of its 20-year anniversary and having already trailblazed the magazine-editor-as-action-figure space, it's expanding its reach to actual video game publishing. Get ready for GamePro Labs.

The venture, according to a report from GameDaily, will see games published for the iPhone as well as through Microsoft's XNA initiative. Telling GameDaily that GamePro Labs will be "fueled by grassroots independent game developers," it sounds like the mag-turned-game label has designs on moving beyond indie development.

GamePro plans to reveal some of its games at the upcoming Game Developers Conference.

With GamePro one of the few remaining print publications still thriving as magazines and web sites go under, it's not surprising that it's looking to expand. The "Regular promotion in GamePro Magazine" perk for signing up with GamePro Labs is probably going to rub some people the wrong way, however, no matter how much disclosure the magazine's editors provide.

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