PC Mag has a fun rundown of the ten coolest Wii controllers, from scalpels to pom poms and rifles, over on their site. Here's a look:

Thrustmaster Glow Sabre Duo Pack NW
What it does: Two 17-inch LED light sabers that house Wii remotes.
Price: $25


CTA Digital Maracas for Wii
What it does: Colorful, plastic maracas for Samba De Amigo.
Price: $13

Gene Simmons AXE Game Controller for Wii
What it does: Wireless Gene Simmons signature axe, axe.
Price: $80

CTA Digital Crossbow for Wii
What it does: Laser-sited crossbow for use with shooters.
Price: $25


Nintendo Wii Zapper
What it does: For those of us who don't want to shoot bad buys with a plastic crossbow.
Price: $25

CTA Digital Trauma Center Surgical Kit
What it does: Absolutely absurd collection of plastic surgical equipment for Trauma Center: Second Opinion.
Price: $19

DreamGear Wii Play Poms
What it does: Pom poms that attach to your controllers.
Price: $30

CTA Digital Sure Shot Rifle for Wii
What it does: A rifle length controller.
Price: $40

ezGear Wii Boxing Gloves
What it does: Boxing gloves that hold your controllers for Wii boxing.
Price: $25

CTA Digital Airplane Controller Stand
What it does: A yoke for holding controllers while playing airplane games.
Price: $17

The 10 Coolest Wii Controllers