Swedish developer Grin might be working with media company Halcyon, who own the rights to the Terminator franchise, on games based on Philip K Dick's works. We don't know though — Grin's tight lipped.

When asked about the Philip K Dick Halcyon games, Grin co-founder Ulf Andersson diplomatically replied, "I really don't have a comment on that — that's all I can say. But I must say that Philip K Dick had done some amazing work in his life."


Continuing, he added, "There's really good ideas behind those [novels] and it's been proven with Blade Runner that you can take those ideas further. Doing it is not a guaranteed success because there's so many really, really, incredibly good people behind that [Blade Runner] movie, so you still need the talent but it's a good base to start from."

This, of course, leaves us with more questions than answers — is Grin doing the games? What Dick works are the games based on?

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