Morning Musume singer Mari Yaguchi did an interview with Famitsu. She learned something very exciting — about herself, of course.

In a recent blog update, Yaguchi writes that she discovered during the Famitsu interview that there have been comments that she totally looks like a character in Final Fantasy XIII.


(We're thinking more pigtailed Oerba Dia Vanille and less magnificent Sazh Katzroy — call it a hunch!)

And Yaguchan's reaction?




Even during my heyday, I wasn't that slender...

But, if I looked like that, I'd be really happy...

Everyone, be sure you make your opinion known (^w^)

Well, whaddaya think? For those not familiar with Yaguchi's more saccharine work, please watch this clip — preferably with the volume off.

喋る日☆ [矢口真里オフィシャルブログ 初心者です。 via チラシの裏でゲーム鈍報]