So Wii title Castlevania Judgment isn't very good. But this photo shoot of producer Koji Igarashi and a Simon Belmont cosplayer is better than anything we could imagine. Like, ever.

See Igarashi whip a Dengeki Online staffer for not playing Castlevania Judgment. See Simon Belmont learn to use a computer, answer a telephone.


We're pretty sure if these photos were put on a Wii disc, people would buy them. Hey, we'd buy them.

As a bonus, check out the Castlevania Judgment Simon Belmont figurine. Yours for ¥7,140 from Konami Style.

『ドラキュラ ジャッジメント』に出演中のヴァンパイアハンターが編集部に参上! [Dengeki Online]