Most exciting thing about CES wasn't the games on show. Wasn't the TVs, wasn't the phones, wasn't even the virtual sex...thing. No, it was the epic Microsoft v Sony v Capcom Street Fighter IV battle!

Well, the dust has settled on the fanboy apocalypse, and a clear winner has emerged. And that winner is...

Capcom! But that doesn't count. Capcom's rep, Justin Wong, was a pro. Boo! To decide who would face Capcom's ringer, it was Sony v Microsoft, and that's far more interesting.

The winner of that tussle was Sony, who beat Microsoft in the decider. Congratulations! Sony's champion - Joe C, who used Sagat - scored himself a PSP. Those associated with the winner and the platform he championed? For a day or two, they score internet bragging rights.


CES 2009: Who Won the Street Fighter IV Event? [PlayStation]