We've gotten more than one note that Grand Theft Auto IV bats are arriving as prizes for a contest no one was ever told they'd won.

At least, that's what we think this is. Maybe it's a message? Way back in the 1980s I saw this episode of Philip Marlowe: Private Eye on HBO and it said that the mob sent pencils to victims of the next planned hit, because it meant their name had been crossed off a list. Maybe sending a bat means Major Nelson drafted you in a Rotisserie league.


Actually, it's one of two thousand second-place prizes in a sweepstakes nearly 10 months old, and either the winners of the lesser prizes weren't told or the email announcing got spamfiltered. Either way, 10 months is way overdue, even for free stuff.

The prize bat looks a little different from the swag bat McWhertor got back in June, which looked pinkish/bluish and had a bloodspatter rendered on it. This sucker's shiny al-u-min-ium as the Brits say, and ready to knock a double in your next beer league game. I'm sure someone will stick theirs on eBay.

Reader Nick S. sent us that picture above, proclaiming it'll go on the wall right next to his lightsaber.

Microsoft Sent Me a Bat [Negative Gamer. Thanks Nick]