North American fans eager for the next installment of the Star Ocean saga now have a week less to wait, as Square Enix pushes up the release date for Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

Originally scheduled to release in North American on March 3rd, North American Xbox 360 owners can now look forward to living the adventures of Edge Maverick and company come February 27th, according to an email alert sent out by Square Enix. The Japanese and European releases look to remain intact, holding firm at February 19th and April 24th respectively.


Good news to be sure, though February is already rather crowded as it is. I'm just hoping it's good enough to wash away the slightly bitter taste left in my mouth by The Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery.

‘Star Ocean: The Last Hope’ Release Moved Up a Week in US; Now Set for 2/24/09 Release [GameCyte]