Every time I see the Goatie coin I imagine Montel Williams on my TV at 2 a.m. hawking a set of collector's edition 50 State quarters with Fahey and Crecente painted on them.

Kotaku's annual awards were one highlight in a week that also featured McWhertor operating el lobo solo at CES. Nintendo came up with some patent technology thingie that'll certainly make it easier to produce half-assed reviews of their games. And, where half of an ass won't do, Cammy (not Dunaway, you freaks) supplies a whole one. Here's the past week in original coverage:

CES 2009:
Here's Your 2009 Consumer Electronics Show Coverage

Nintendo "Kind Code" Patent Reveals Potential Paradigm Shift in Design
Developers Respond To Nintendo's Hint System Patent
Major Left 4 Dead Update Coming Very Soon to PC, Console
Bionic Commando Will Be Out Before Winter 2009
Want To Buy A Games Mag? Hardcore Gamer Is For Sale (On eBay)

An American (McGee) In Shanghai

Kotaku's 2008 Judges' Choice Awards
Kotaku's 2008 Games of the Year Awards

Reviews and Impressions:
Rolando Micro Review: The iPhone's Better LocoRoco
Three Things I Liked About X-Blades
Gunnar Gaming Glasses Review: Why Buy Wi-Five?

Bundles of Joy:
Valkyria of the Battlefield Goes Budget Priced
Japan Getting Resident Evil PS3 Bundle, Console
Japan Getting Star Ocean 4, Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 Bundles
Limited "Dragon" PlayStation 3 Console Is For Japanese Eyes Only

The Kind of Cammy Images You've Come To Expect

Where Bad Games Go To Die (RIP Tabula Rasa)