From now until the end of March, succumbing to that damnable "Five Dollar Foot-Long" jingle could net you some plastic DDR crap and a $10 coupon good towards your next living room-eating dance pad game.

In the name of promoting healthy lifestyles in children, Subway has teamed with Konami in order to include DanceDanceRevolution toys in every Fresh Fit for Kids meal at participating locations through March. Sure to be a big hit at raves, the premium items include an Action Armband, Water Bottle, Disco Revolution, Pencil Pal, Dancemania and Break-it-Down. Other than the armband, which is pretty self-explanatory, and the water bottle to help rehydrate your children before they collapse to the ground and have to be hauled off by security, I have no idea what any of that stuff is. Included with whatever you wind up with will be a $10 off coupon good on the latest DDR games, currently stacked five high at your local game store.


Haven't they done this before? I could have sworn I'd gone into a Subway back when I was concerned about my health and laughed at the silly DDR merchandise sometime in the past. Oh well.


Thru March 29, 2009, Subway Restaurants To Offer DanceDanceRevolution® Premiums With Each Purchase Of A Fresh Fit For Kids Meal


Kids can dance into the New Year at SUWBAY® restaurants with the all-new DanceDanceRevolution® promotion. Konami and SUBWAY® restaurants today announced a partnership that will help promote a healthy lifestyle for children by delivering the fun and excitement of Konami's best-selling get-up-and-move video game to children everywhere. From December 29, 2008 thru March 29, 2009, participating SUBWAY® restaurants will offer one of six exclusive, high quality DanceDanceRevolution® branded premium toy accessories along with a $10 coupon good on any of the newest DanceDanceRevolution games with each purchase of a SUBWAY FRESH FIT FOR KIDS™ meal.

Available for a limited time while supplies last, the SUBWAY FRESH FIT FOR KIDS™ meal premiums include, DanceDanceRevolution® branded Action Armband, Water Bottle, Disco Revolution, Pencil Pal, Dancemania and Break-it-Down. The kids meal and each premium will come in four color DanceDanceRevolution® kid's meal bags that feature DanceDanceRevolution® images on one side and details about the SUBWAY FRESH FIT FOR KIDS™ meal program on the other.

The SUBWAY® promotion is the latest in a series of initiatives that has made the DanceDanceRevolution® franchise a fitness phenomenon that has received a tremendous amount of recognition for helping people of all ages lose weight and achieve better health. DanceDanceRevolution® has truly pioneered the latest trend in gaming that takes players off of the couch and away from the joystick. Each version of the game has a Workout Mode that allows users to track calories burned and monitor their own fitness regiment. Additionally, DanceDanceRevolution® has been an official part of the physical fitness curriculum in multiple school districts throughout the United States including every school in the State of West Virginia. The game has also been a valuable tool used in numerous research studies on fighting childhood obesity and has been a mainstay in health clubs and libraries across the nation as organizations look for new and innovative ways to fight childhood obesity.