Congratulations, Take-Two. You win second place on the list of 10 worst media deals of 2008. Spurning Electronic Arts' offer to buy you got the attention of some list-making investors, who hailed your decision.

Oh, they hailed it as a massively missed opportunity, considering EA offered to buy your stock at a premium of $25.75 per share, which is now hovering around $8. Not that EA's stock is doing much better, currently rebounding at $17, but you get the idea.

The UBS Global Media & Communications Conference in New York, in case you happened to miss the liveblogging of it (somewhere) ‚ÄĒ we don't know how you could have missed the original mega-corporate soap opera ‚ÄĒ also gives CBS, Time Warner and, most of all, Yahoo! the "what for" for their financial decisions last year. Good times!

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