To celebrate the release of Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party, Ubisoft are holding a launch party. With celebrities. Or, "celebrities", depending on your standards.

On the guest list so far? Three Kardashians, a So You Think You Can Dance contestant, the Kardashian's mum and...Corey Feldman. Yup. Corey Feldman. But no Corey Haim.


Only Ubisoft could invite the Feldman and not the Haim. That is, unless they're keeping Corey Haim under wraps until E3, when they'll wheel out their AAA action-adventure, Jade-and-Patrice developed take on Prayer of the Rollerboys. Which is as awesome a prospect as it is unlikely.

Ubisoft celebrates a new Rayman game with three Kardashians and Corey Feldman [Variety]