Wii bloodbath Madworld is all about artistically debraining a stream of bad guys in a black and white setting.

You can cleave them in two in a spike-encrusted dumpster, thread them together with a torn off caution sign, toss them into various grinders, even.


And along with all of that strung-together, over-the-top, black and white violence, are the mini-games. Games like Man Darts which has you catapulting bad guys head first into a giant dart board.

Digging through the official Madworld website we couldn't help but notice that all of this gruesome fun won't be just a single-player experience:

"Take control and complete in a variety of ultra-violent 'Blood Bath Challenges' which can be played offline multiplayer with your friends or enemies."

So it looks like Man Darts and friends will be group play.