At a time when my generation is un- or underemployed and wiping with Basic Red asspaper, Lexus decides the annual reminder we can't give cars for Christmas isn't enough. So it craps on our childhood.

Sure, a lot of people may think this is cute. But this isn't much of an homage to a treasured console and the make-your-Christmas gift. It just says that things fade, memories cost money, and your best one should have the highest price tag attached.

Admittedly, I'm not the target audience. But I do own a TV, and because I watch a lot of NFL, it shows me a lot of commercials featuring rich people bitching about how rich they are. And the smug December-to-Remember ads are, year-in-and-year-out, among the worst examples of the commercialized holidays.


Besides, this is for a fucking lease on an automobile. How the hell is that the best Christmas ever?

It was fine when these spots had nothing to do with my lifestyle. Dragging in the Atari VCS, especially now, makes me a little touchy. /soapbox