So this week I bought MLB Stickball on XBLA. There's only one reason I'd do that, and you correctly guessed it. You see, in the old days, when you came home from a bar lit up, your impulse buys were limited to 1-800 blue screen ads. And calling an operator and fishing out a credit card for Time/Life's series on the Old West, Kitchens and Bathrooms and Daddy-What's-Vietnam ("A question a child might ask ... but not a childish question.") just doesn't pack the kind of instant gratification wallop of buying a video game instantly with fake currency on XBLA.But I digress. The game is fun and manageable when you're bombed because it goes so fucking slow. A hydrocephalic Magglio Ordonez, cocking back the broomstick so that it clips through the back of his manperm mullet is point-and-guffaw funny. And the game's ubiquitous electronic lounge organ ditty is kind of peppy when you have a gin and tonic beside you. But, in your right mind, I'm sorry, this is a kid's game only. And I have lost some precious hours on this thing when I should have spent the time playing Dead Space and creating a Rorschach of underpants stains. I thought about writing a review of MLB Stickball just to justify the IRS writeoff of the XBLA points. Instead I figured it'd be more fun to talk about the games we play when we're a little less than lucid. The guys in the Tower said, sure, why not. So I know where to go when I want real answers (no, not here) and tonight I'll pose the question: What games are you playing blasted, hammered, bluto, tripping, hyphy, wasted, whatever, this weekend? (Or any other.)