The DIY types that populate the Ben Heck forums can console mod just as well as the site owner himself. The Dreamtrooper โ€” named for its Dreamcast guts and Imperial storm trooper looks โ€” was created by forum member "hailrazer," with the Sega console wedged inside the shell of a sacrificed Lazer Doodle. The modder has previously crammed a Nintendo 64 into a Lazer Doodle, dubbing it the Darth 64. It is a bit nerdy over there, yes. The Dreamtrooper plays GD-ROMs attached to the back spindle and is said to have about three hours of battery life. You can see this thing in action in a clip after the jump, should it strike your fancy.

DarthCast .My next portable started. FINISHED :) [Ben Heck Forums via Gizmodo]