For all their attempts at space opera 101, the real pull for a lot of Halo fans wasn't the struggle between humanity and a vast alien empire. It was multiplayer. Sweet, balanced, near-pefect multiplayer. But did you know that one of the series' most important legacies almost never made the cut? Hardy LeBel - who aside from having a fantastic name also worked on the first Halo's MP (he's now with Ubisoft working on Far Cry 2) - explains:

When we got bought by Microsoft, Alex Seropian and Jason Jones, who were the two principals of Bungie, came to me and [former Bungie engineer and animator] Michael Evans, and said, "Multiplayer is cut from Halo because we're trying to make it really work on the console and we just don't have the resources." But we threw a fit and were like, "No way! You can't cut it! It's just too cool!" They said, "We were hoping you'd say that ‚ÄĒ because you two guys have to resurrect it."

Oh, what could have been. A world without Blood Gulch isn't a world worth living in. In-Depth: Why Halo's Multiplayer Almost Didn't Make It [Gamasutra]