First announced a few weeks back, here's a first look at perhaps the strangest piece of Guitar Hero-related marketing we've seen to date: McFarlane's range of small, stringless, unplayable plastic guitars. It looks like they're meant to be used by the company's line of Guitar Hero figures, but since that "feature" is mentioned nowhere in the line's press release, there remains the possibility these guitars are meant for...well, just sitting there.

IN STORES JANUARY 2009 Guitar Hero 2009 Mix & Match Guitars, Wave 1 Build your own guitar with interchangeable guitar heads, necks and bodies. "Duet" 2-packs include two 4-inch guitars, stands and stickers for customization. Thousands of possible combinations in each series! 'SOLOS' * Frydaze guitar (Boltz pattern) * Feedback guitar (Splatter Fest pattern) * Widowmaker guitar (Flame Rod pattern) * Voracious guitar (Cubert pattern) * Feedback guitar (Machine pattern) * Frydaze guitar (Tiger Stripes pattern) 'DUETS' * Feedback guitar (Effervescence pattern) & Voracious guitar (Cedar Ripple pattern) * Feedback guitar (Machine pattern) & Frydaze guitar (Tiger Stripes pattern) * Frydaze guitar (The Forge pattern) & Widowmaker guitar (Dragon pattern) * Widowmaker guitar (Paisley Dream pattern) & Voracious guitar (Camo pattern) * Voracious guitar (Cubert pattern) & Frydaze guitar (Boltz pattern) *Figure release dates, lineups and weapons are subject to change.